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Before I tell you all about the Year-Long Preschool Activity Plans Bundle, let’s make sure it’s a good fit for you.

You are right for the Preschool Activity Plans Bundle if you want to be able to put your lesson plans together in minutes instead of hours, stop spending every night searching Pinterest for activities, and make sure that your ‘free’ time is really Free.

The Preschool Activity Plans Bundle is right for you if you want to enjoy teaching again because you have actually achieved a good work-life balance, so you can teach without stress, enjoy yours days (and nights), and not worry about what tomorrow’s lesson plans will be.

If you are…

A new teacher who’s in need of some support as you navigate all the in’s and out’s of planning your entire year of activities

An experienced teacher who wants to take back your nights and weekends for actual ‘me time’. Knowing that you still need to walk into the classroom the next day with a real plan or the monkey’s will run the zoo.

A homeschool parent who needs guidance on what to do with your preschoolers and want to support them with hands-on educational activities that teach them to love learning.

You are in the right place! 

Introducing the Preschool Activity Plan Bundle

Get These 20 Popular Preschool Themes

  • Flowers and Trees
  • Transportation
  • Community Helpers
  • Dinosaurs
  • Around the World
  • Five Senses
  • Farm
  • Space
  • Construction
  • Weather
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Colors
  • All About Me
  • Habitats
  • Birds & Butterflies
  • Ocean
  • Animals

What teachers are saying:

Teachers who have used these activity plans are raving about them! Here is what they had to say after using them with their kids:

“I picked up mine already and I am thrilled!”
Satisfied Customer
Thank you for amazing plans! I greatly appreciate and I am passing along your website and info to my colleagues, staff and teacher friends and mom friends and well…ALL.” 
Jeanne B.
Relieved Educator
 “It is amazing and I thank you so much for investing all your time on this project. I am sure there are TONS of teachers feeling more prepared for the Fall be it in their classroom or online.
Thank you again”
Julie D.
Happy Teacher

The Preschool Activity Plan Bundle is designed to stop planning stress in three simple steps.  

Get 20 easy-to-plan preschool theme packs today in one download.

Fill your weekly lesson plans without having to search for activities every week.

Rest easy knowing that all your planning is already done.

Save Over 70% off Now!

Differentiation Made Simple

Differentiation has never been easier. Every activity in our activity plans comes with tips and tricks to adjust the activity to your children’s learning levels. Use the same activity to challenge your strong learners and support your struggling learners. No need to create multiple activities for each group.

Imagine This:

  • Addressing EVERY preschool skill.
  • Engaging EVERY student with hands-on activities for their specific abilities.
  • Saving time with low and NO prep activities. 
  • Implementing in minutes with low-prep, easy to set up activities.
  • Combining literacy with every preschool skill for a fully rounded unit.
  • Meeting the needs of your special education kids at the same time as your on-level and advanced students.

What’s inside the Preschool Activity Planning Bundle?

20 Themed Packs Meeting Every Preschool Objective

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Sensory Exploration
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Music
  • Social-Emotional Skills

Every Skill Young Learners Need

Standards-based activities that allow preschoolers to learn through play and exploration of the world around them. Easy differentiation with the included tips and suggestions for each activity. Challenge your advanced learners and support your struggling learners with the same activities.

Click Each Theme Below to Take a Closer Look

Simple Materials for Easy Implementation

Every activity plan contains a materials list and book list so that you can easily gather all the materials you need. No need to spend a lot of money on supplies or search at stores all over town looking for a specific material.

created by the authors of:

Developed by a team of talented teachers and parents, these activities range from whole group circle time ideas to active learning games. All activity plans have been carefully crafted and kid tested! 

Whether you are a:

  • New teacher developing an entire preschool curriculum
  • Veteran teacher searching for new inspiration
  • Parent homeschooling your preschooler

You’ll find everything you need in these themed preschool activity plans.

All Designed to Save You Time

Plus, Get 8 Amazing Bonuses With Your Purchase

Valued at $80.50

No, these are digital products for you to print as you need them. You’ll receive a link to download all the resources in the bundle after purchase.

At purchase you will receive access to our website and you will be able to login and view all of the activities. You can print them as you need them.

No, this bundle cannot be purchased anywhere else. It’s not on TPT or any other platform. It is exclusive to Early Childhood Lesson Plans.

You may see multiple authors or affiliates promoting this bundle, but it is only available for purchase through Early Childhood Lesson Plans.

Maybe you already own one of the themes because you wanted to ‘try it out’. 

No worries! Since this is a ridiculously awesome deal, you can rest easy knowing you are getting everything else for almost nothing.

Bottom line, even if you own two of the themes in the bundle, you’re getting 18 more activity plans for only $19. (Nearly $1 each!) 

It’s still an awesome deal!

The activity plans in this bundle are designed for English-speakers. However, there are many activities and resources included that do not have any words on them and could be used in any language.

Save Time with 20 Easy-to-Plan Preschool Themes!

Save Over 70% off Today!