Are you overwhelmed trying to come up with fun AND educational activities for your toddlers?

Unsure of what to do with your toddler all day?

Frustrated with the search for toddler-safe activities?

Tired of activities that take for-ev-er to prepare and your toddlers play with them for 3 minutes?

Introducing the Toddler Activity Plan Bundle

Easily prepare all your toddler learning themes.

Meet the needs of your toddlers at their developmental levels.

Engage your toddlers with activities they will ask to play with over and over.


Stop Stressing and Start Having Fun!

The Toddler Activity Plan Bundle is designed to stop the stress.  

Everything you need to plan all your themed units for the year in no time at all. 

Confidently plan your days!

Get the Toddler Activity Plan Bundle with 15 easy-to-plan themes today.

PLUS, you can use these activity plans again next year to save even MORE time!

Imagine what your life will be like when you don't have to find new activities every week...

15 Popular Themes Included!

  • Winter
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Five Senses
  • Farm
  • Dinosaurs
  • Space
  • Animals
  • Transportation
  • Community Helpers
  • Fall
  • All About Me
  • Bugs,  Butterflies and Insects
  • Under the Sea
  • Weather

Save Time AND Make Learning Fun This Year!

  • Get Everything in One Amazing Bundle!

  • Login Directly on the Site to Access the Bundle

  • Download Directly to Your Computer

  • Print Exactly What You Need at Home or Work


Make Your "Planning a Lot Easier"

Teachers are Loving the Themed Toddler Activity Plans!

"I picked up mine already and I am thrilled!"

 "It is amazing and I thank you so much for investing all your time on this project. I am sure there are TONS of teachers feeling more prepared for the Fall be it in their classroom or online.

Thank you again"

-Julie D.


What Makes the Toddler Activity Plans BUNDLE So Awesome?

Imagine This:

  • Creating a love for learning.
  • Engaging EVERY student with hands-on activities for their specific abilities.
  • Saving time with low and NO prep activities. 
  • Implementing in minutes with low-prep, easy to set up activities.
  • Combining literacy with every skill for a fully rounded unit.

So what exactly is included in the Toddler Activity Plan Bundle?

15 Themed Packs Meeting Every Learning Objective

  • Counting
  • Pre-Writing
  • Literacy
  • Shapes
  • Sensory
  • Music
  • Gross-Motor
  • Fine-Motor
  • Social-Emotional Skills
  • and MORE!

Click Each Theme Below to Take a Closer Look

Dinosaurs Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Winter Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Spring Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Transportation Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Fall Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Bugs Butterflies Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Community Helpers Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Space Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Animals Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Ocean Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Weather Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Farm Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Summer Toddler Activity Plans Sq
All About Me Toddler Activity Plans Sq
Five Senses Toddler Activity Plans Sq

Developed by a team of talented teachers and parents, these activities range from fine motor ideas to active learning games. All activity plans have been carefully crafted and kid tested! 

Whether you are a:

  • New teacher developing an entire curriculum
  • Veteran teacher searching for new inspiration
  • Parent learning with your toddler

You'll find everything you need in these Toddler Activity Plans.

All Designed to Save You Time

No, these are digital products for you to print as you need them. You’ll receive a link to download all the resources in the bundle after purchase.

At purchase you will receive access to our website and you will be able to login and view all of the activities. You can print them as you need them.

No, this bundle cannot be purchased anywhere else. It's not on TPT or any other platform. It is exclusive to Early Childhood Lesson Plans.

You may see multiple authors or affiliates promoting this bundle, but it is only available for purchase through Early Childhood Lesson Plans.

Maybe you already own one of the themes because you wanted to 'try it out'. 

No worries! Since this is a ridiculously awesome deal, you can rest easy knowing you are getting everything else for almost nothing.

Bottom line, even if you own two of the themes in the bundle, you’re getting 13 more activity plans for only $19. (Less than $1.50 each!)

It’s still an awesome deal!

The activity plans in this bundle are designed for English-speakers. However, there are many activities and resources included that do not have any words on them and could be used in any language.

Plus, Get This Amazing Bonus Pack With Your Purchase

toddler bonus

Save time planning with 15 low-prep, engaging Toddler Themes!