Themed Preschool Activities for the WHOLE Year

Take the stress out of planning.

  • Prepare all your preschool themes with ease.
  • Meet the needs of your special education kids at the same time as your on-level and advanced students.
  • Engage students as you combine math and literacy.

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20 Popular Preschool Themes

  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Colors
  • Five Senses
  • Farm
  • Space
  • Construction
  • Weather
  • Flowers and Trees
  • Transportation
  • Community Helpers
  • Dinosaurs
  • Around the World
  • All About Me
  • Habitats
  • Birds & Butterflies
  • Ocean
  • Animals

Are you stressed out thinking of all the time you need to plan your preschool themes for the year?

There is a way to stop the endless planning

There is hope for an evening with the family where you can close the planning book and spend some time with your own kids, curl up with your favorite book or binge on Netflix.  

This Themed Preschool Activity Plans Bundle is designed to end your planning woes.  

You'll be able to plan all your themed units for the year in no time at all.  With 20 themed packs and over 24 engaging activities included in each pack, you can eliminate all those extra hours of searching for what you need.

PLUS, you can use these activity plans again next year to save even MORE time!

Imagine what the school year will be like when you don't have to find new activities every week...

Save Time AND Make Learning Fun This Year!


Make Your "Planning a Lot Easier"

Teachers are Loving the Themed Preschool Activity Plans!

"I picked up mine already and I am thrilled!"

 "It is amazing and I thank you so much for investing all your time on this project. I am sure there are TONS of teachers feeling more prepared for the Fall be it in their classroom or online.

Thank you again"

-Julie D.


What Makes the Year-Long Preschool Activity Plans BUNDLE So Awesome?

Imagine This:

  • Addressing EVERY preschool skill.
  • Engaging EVERY student with hands-on activities for their specific abilities.
  • Saving time with low and NO prep activities. 
  • Implementing in minutes with low-prep, easy to set up activities.
  • Combining literacy with every preschool skill for a fully rounded unit.
  • Meeting the needs of your special education kids at the same time as your on-level and advanced students.

So what exactly is included in the Year-Long Preschool Activity Plans Bundle?


20 Themed Packs Meeting Every Preschool Objective

  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Sensory Exploration
  • Social Studies
  • Songs
  • Social-Emotional Skills

Click Each Theme Below to Take a Closer Look

Preschool Fall Theme Activity Plans
Bugs and Butterflies Preschool activity plans
Transportation theme preschool activity plans
Winter Preschool Activity Plans
Preschool construction theme activity plans
Community helpers theme activity plans for preschool
Preschool farm theme activity plans
Animal theme preschool activity plans
Dinosaur preschool activity plans
Animal Habitats theme activity plans for preschool
Preschool Ocean Theme activity plans
Around the world theme activity plans for preschool
Outer space activity plans for preschool themes
All About Me theme preschool activity plans
flowers and trees activity plans for preschool
Five Senses Preschool Activity Plans

All Designed to Save You Time

Developed by a team of talented teachers and parents, these activities range from whole group circle time ideas to active learning games. All lesson plans have been carefully crafted and kid tested! 

Whether you are a:

  • New teacher developing an entire preschool curriculum
  • Veteran teacher searching for new inspiration
  • Parent homeschooling your preschooler

You'll find everything you need in these Preschool Activity Plans.


Save time planning with 20 differentiated, engaging Preschool Literacy Based Units!

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