Multi-sensory activities to support preschoolers & toddlers as they grow and learn!

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All About Me

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Every Skill Young Learners Need

Standards-based activities that allow preschoolers and toddlers to learn through play and exploration of the world around them. Easy differentiation with the included tips and suggestions for each activity. Challenge your advanced learners and support your struggling learners with the same activities.

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Meet the authors

Welcome! We’re the authors behind Early Childhood Lesson Plans!

Talented authors, homeschooling parents and experienced classroom teachers have come together to create these amazing themed activity plans that are the perfect tool to help you plan your preschool and toddler themes throughout the entire year.

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Simple Materials for Easy Implementation

Every activity plan contains a materials list and book list so that you can easily gather all the materials you need. No need to spend a lot of money on supplies or search at stores all over town looking for a specific material.

Differentiation Made Simple

Differentiation has never been easier. Every activity in our activity plans comes with tips and tricks to adjust the activity to your children’s learning levels. Use the same activity to challenge your strong learners and support your struggling learners. No need to create multiple activities for each group.